Tip: How to pair an mPOP with two mobile devices?

To pair more than one mobile device with an mPOP, Pairing permission should be switched ON in the Bluetooth settings of an mPOP.

To change the pairing permission:

  1. Pair mPOP with a mobile device.
  2. Download mPOP Utility app from the Google playstore (Android) or Apple store (iOS).
  3. Enter the mPOP Utility app and in the Settings->Selected Device tap on the Unselected State tab. Screenshot_2018-12-27_at_15.38.52.png
  4. Choose your connected mPOP from the list of connected devices (i.e. STAR mPOP-K****). Screenshot_2018-12-27_at_15.43.43.png
  5. The STAR mPOP-K**** now shows as a selected device.Screenshot_2018-12-27_at_15.41.40.png
  6. Tap on the Bluetooth settings to edit its settings.Screenshot_2018-12-27_at_15.47.59.png
  7. Move the New pairing permission switch to the right to enable the pairing with more than one mobile device and tap on the Apply button to save changes. Screenshot_2018-12-27_at_15.48.55.png

Additionally, change device or port name.

The mPOP will from now on be visible to other mobile devices and ready to pair.

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