7. Setting up user PIN

After the user signs in to the application, depending on the user register unlock settings, every time user re-enters the application, password or PIN may be required to enter.

Password contains at least 6 alphanumerical characters (numbers and letters from which at least one should be written as a capital letter e.g. D3gYNs). For security reasons, it's preferable for a password to be long and complex.PIN contains only four digits (e.g. 2849). That's why it is much easier to use PIN for unlocking the register, once the user signs in with the password. 

To set up user PIN:

  1. Sign in as administrator to the user account on the web.
  2. In the main menu go to Settings->Users.
  3. Select a user from the list you wish to edit and click EDIT or add a new user.
  4. Enter New PIN in four digits format (e.g. 3349) under the new PIN label.
  5. Enter your administrator password under the 
  6. Click SAVE to save changes.

Users can now unlock the application by using only PIN, once they sign in with the password.

Tip: As an administrator, sign in all cashiers and once and they will be able to unlock the application using only the PIN.

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