Assigning categories to a printer

If you wish to print specific categories on a printer, these categories must be assigned to the printer. 

To assign categories to a printer:

  1. Sign in to your administrator user account on the web.
  2. Go to Settings->Outlets.
  3. Select an outlet from the list for which you wish to set up printer settings and click EDIT.
  4. Scroll down to the PRINTERS section. Screen_Shot_2018-03-15_at_12.53.35.png
  5. Select a printer from the list you wish to assign categories to and click EDIT. If there is no printer on the list, add a printer.
  6. In the categories menu, select categories you wish to print on this printer (e.g. Drinks).Screen_Shot_2018-03-15_at_11.57.21.png
  7. To save changes, click SAVE.
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