My mobile does't connect to the Star printer (TSP-100)

The blue light on the printer indicates that the printer is paired with a mobile device. Only one mobile device at a time can be paired with the printer. If the blue light is on and you don't see the printer in the list of available or paired devices in your mobile Settings->Connections->Bluetooth please make sure that the printer is not already paired to another device nearby.

If the cash drawer won't open or the receipt is not coming out, reset the printer.

To reset the printer Bluetooth connection:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Press the red reset button at the back of the printer for a few sec (5-10 sec) until the green LED light start to flash.
  3. While you are still holding the reset button, turn on the printer. After the printer is turned on, release the button. The printer is now ready to be paired with the mobile device.
  4. Go to Settings->Connections->Bluetooth on your mobile and pair the printer.

In the app:

  1. Sing in to the app.
  2. Enter the menu and go to Settings->Printers.
  3. Check if the printer is listed.
  4. If two printers of the same name appear as connected devices, remove one of them.
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