2. Opening the shift

If you wish to track the amount of the cash in your register during the shift, shift management option must be enabled.

To open a shift:

  1. Sign in to the AgentCASH app.
  2. Open the application menu by tapping () in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Shift management.
  4. Tap on the Current drawer.
  5. Enter the amount of the cash (£) in the cash register at the beginning of the shift. You can override this amount later, whenever you start a new shift.
  6. Tap on the Open shift. Current drawer status now shows as OPEN.

After you have opened a shift, you are able to track:

  • an expected amount in the cash drawer,
  • cash sales,
  • cash refunds,
  • history of deposits/withdrawals,
  • starting cash amount,
  • first and last invoice number,
  • opening time of the shift.


Note: App will not allow having a shift open for more than 24 hours and will warn you if you try to issue an invoice after this period has passed.

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